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What are the causes and effects of spark in the production of sawdust briquette machine

The electric spark is quite common in machining process, such as welding, cutting, forging press and so on. These are the normal processing movement of the electrode in electromechanical devices. However, there would be abnormal phenomenon of electric spark in the production of sawdust briquette machine. For example, the spark produced in the production of briquettes is generated by the impact wear and caused by improper operation. There are mainly two reasons for that:

sawdust briquette machine

1. The material adding of sawdust briquette machine not in time. Once the forming cylinder is empty, the propeller of briquette machine would impact the forming cylinder directly, which produces electric spark. As a result, both the propeller and forming cylinder would be affected by it and wear. When these parts get damaged, it would affect the specification of the finished product produced by sawdust briquette machine.

2. The propeller installed is too close to the edge of the forming cylinder. When making briquettes under this condition, the propeller would be easily affected by raw material and get misplaced, thus impact the edge of the forming cylinder and produce electric spark. It would also lead to damage to the propeller and forming cylinder, and bad for the specification of the finished product.

Therefore, operators should pay attention to the two points above when using the sawdust briquette machine for making briquettes. If you have other problems in the production of briquettes and machine made charcoal, contact us in the first time and we would try our best to solve your problems. 

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