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What's the advantages for the development of straw briquette machine

Straw briquette machine is used to process straw, branches, bark and other waste materials into the environment-friendly biomass fuel. Straw briquette machine is now widely used in the development of new energy, which can also be used to replace traditional coal and other energies. The straw briquette machine with good prospect for development is especially suitable to be used in the twenty-first century with current situation of environmental destruction. In addition, the straw briquette machine has the following advantages: 

Briquette Machine
1. The straw briquette machine mainly takes natural straw, rice husk, branches, sawdust, rice straw as raw materials in the production. Do not add any additives in the production process. The "straw coal" produced by straw briquette machine does not any contain sulfur dioxide, phosphide, carbide or other ingredients, which is more eco-friendly than coal. 
2. The straw coal produced by straw briquette machine is easy to use. Only two people are needed for the artificial operation of a production line. Automatic configuration saves themanpower and achieves complete automatic production. The equipment covers a small area. The fuel produced has little smoke, long flames and combustion time with a wide application range. 
3. The straw coal is small in volume and hard in quality, which is convenient for efficient distribution. It can be ignited directly with high density, high calorific value, fierce fire and long burning time. It has replaced coal, liquefied gas, natural gas and other non renewable resources and widely used in stove, heating furnace, hot water boiler, industrial boiler and other stoves. 
4. The straw coal can be used in all kinds of stoves. It is good fuel for farmers, small traders, restaurants, enterprises and institutions, potter firing, tile factory and smelting plant, especially a necessary for biomass power plant. 
5. The straw briquette machine can effectively reduce the space of straws which are irregular in shape and difficult for regular treatment. Strip shaped or irregular straw can be processed into small pellets so that the storage space can be immediately saved half. 
6. The straw briquettes are easy to control in the weight. After using straw briquette machine, we can precisely weigh the straw, which is no longer difficult to accurately measure and use. And in the processing process of straw briquette machine, not only the shape of straw is changed, there are also some dry processing for the straw with excessive moisture content, which can effectively get rid of the water in the straw to make it plays a more important role in the process of combustion. 
The use of straw briquette machine provides green power for the development of the society and economy, we believe that the briquette machine will usher in a broader development in the future.
Kingman boasts the best supplier and manfuacturer of straw briquette machine and biomass briquette plant.The use of straw in large-scale biomass power plants is becoming mainstream in the EU, with several facilities already online. The straw is either used directly in the form of bales, or densified into pellets which allows for the feedstock to be transported over longer distances.

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Classification of straw briquetting machine
Installation and operation of straw briquette machine
Classification of straw briquetting machine

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