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Temperature control of briquette machine

Today, demanding is always changing, and the briquette press is a kind of necessary equipment for charcoal industry. It has been loved by many enterprises and it plays an important role during the charcoal compaction industry which has close relationship with people’s life.

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Briquette press mainly press the material under high temperature for formation, so it plays an important role during the whole briquetting plants. It has different driving power for equipment. In general, the model 50 briquette presses uses the motor with 15 KW capacities, and it also has 18.5 KW type, then which one is better? The driving mode of briquette machine is to convey the power from motor to the speed reducer, the briquette machine with high efficiency and energy saving require less power for driven. The energy consumption increases proportionately with the power capacity, and the production increases proportionately with the power consumption. In addition, temperature of formation cylinder is usually controlled at 260-300 ℃, the temperature are decided by the texture of material. First, as we all known, the aim of increasing temperature of material is to soften the lignin content which increase the adhesive ability to facilitate the formation process under high pressure. If the temperature is too high, the lignin is over softened. Through the briquetting process has high discharging speed, the briquette is not strong enough. If it is too low, the material has bad adhesive ability, the briquette has low density which usually have cracks. Therefore, it is necessary to explore the temperature of briquetting process. In general, the bamboo material requires low temperature for briquetting, it should be controlled at 260-300 degree, and the straw and rice husk is usually about 300-320 degree. Of course, it also should consider the moisture content of material.

As for the same material, it has different requirement for temperature, the operator should master skill flexibly. Also, the color of the briquette dose not have to be too deep, the brown and black color is ok. Temperature and motor capacity of briquette machine is the key for the briquetting process, there are mainly two types of briquette machine on the market--50 model and 80 model. We are trying to research and develope more types of briquette machine to meet the market demand of briquette machine. As long as we develop our technology, it is bound to bring more high efficiency equipment with milt- functions to the clients.  

Kingman would like to help you turn biomass waste into biofuel in a bid to make you reuse wasted material in a green and recycled manner. We can offer the best and most suitable solutions for you. Our briquette machine, charcoal machine, briquette plant and charcoal plant feature high yield and competitive prices. There is no need for you to invest quite much in a briquette plant or charcoal plant but the payback is explicitly decent. We hope you can snatch the opportunities and win a wider market in the biofuel market across the world. Kingman briquette machine and charcoal machine will always be your best companion.

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