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Installation and maintenance of straw briquette machine

Installation of straw briquette machine

1. The main engine, distribution cabinet and conveyor should be placed in place according to your own site. Check the motor, connecting parts of the transmission parts carefully to see
whether the bolts and screws are firm and whether there is loosen phenomenon, fasten them in time when that happens.
2. Power lines connecting the main engine and the power distribution cabinet: use six copper core cables with wire diameter equal to or larger than 16mm2, and connect the motor of the main engine with the terminal of the power distribution cabinet in order. The connection of the two contactor should be in line with the order of the motor terminal.
3. Power lines connecting the main auxiliary parts and the distribution cabinet: connect the contact of temperature control wire to the terminal box below the main frame of the main engine and connect the power line of the cooling water pump to the terminal box.
4. Connect the power line of the feeding conveyor with the power distribution cabinet: three copper core cables with wire diameter greater than or equal to 1.5 mm2 should be used to connect the feeding conveyor and distribution cabinet. Connect the motor of feeding conveyor with the terminal marked "feeding conveyor" on the distribution cabinet.
5. Connect the power line between the finished product conveyor and the distribution cabinet with the same method mentioned above;
6. Check the power lines carefully to prevent the series and leakage of electricity and ensure the safety of electricity.

ZBJ-ZT Sawdust Briquette Machine

ZBJ-ZT Briquette Machine

The maintenance of straw briquette machine:

1. From the beginning of production, the straw briquette machine should be cleaned after the daily work. Record the occurrence of abnormal phenomenon in the production.
2. Check the screw: check the motor of straw briquette machine and the screw in the connecting part of transmission parts regularly to see whether they are loose or not in order to fastening timely, and examine the wear condition of the wear parts.
3. Shaft lubrication oil: oil the oil hole of the press roller once a day (top of eccentric shaft) and refuel the vertical shaft seat weekly. The butter used should be the lithium based grease with high temperature resistance.
4. Adjustment of density: check the clearance and wear condition of press roller and die of the briquette machine in time, and adjust, repair or replace them timely. The density of the finished products can be adjusted by adjusting the clearance between the press roller and die. The clearance within 1.5~2.5mm is the best state. When the clearance between the die and press roller is more than 5mm, it will affect the output of the device seriously, even block the machine. The method for adjusting the clearance is as follows: Loosen the round nut with a hook wrench and remove the connecting plate of the press roller. Loosen the lock screw clamping the shaft in the scraping knife with an internal hexagonal wrench, and then rotate the flat shaft in the eccentric shaft head to make the eccentric part of the eccentric shaft rotates outward so as to adjust the clearance between the press roller and the die. Using the same method to adjust another press roller (the clearance between the two rollers and both sides of the die should be the same and the flange heights should be the same as well). When the adjustment is finished, tighten the locking screw, and then reset the connecting plate and lock the round nut.


ZBJ-LX Briquette Machines
Briquette screw press machine can be used in producing high quality wood charcoal stick with sawdust, wood chips, branches, crop stalks, sugarcane residue, coffee husk, paddy straw, sunflower stalk, cotton stalks, bamboo dust, palm husk, soybeans husk, tea waste, etc.
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