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The advantages of natural briquette charcoal machine

The advantages of natural briquette charcoal machine

Briquette charcoal machine is also called briquette charcoal stove or furnace.
First, no need to put into use any other heating device or facility affiliated to briquette charcoal machine.
The heat required for carbonization of biomass briquettes stems from the one generated by combustion of briquettes per se. Due to spontaneous combustion of briquette surface and oxidation of inflammable gases within charcoal machine, the carbonizing process will remain smoothly under way without addition of electricity, natural gas or coal or firewood fuel. Therefore, the charcoal machine is called natural style.

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Second, the briquette charcoal machine boasts mature techniques, featuring simple operation, easy to grasp and stable performance and reliability.
The evolvement and development of charcoal machine span about decades of years which witnesses the maturity of charring techniques. After being kindled, the charcoal machine can only simply adjusted about air supply volume which influences furnace internal temperature and the quality of charcoal can be further controlled. Accordingly, different charcoal types can be achieved, namely, low-temp charcoal, medium-temp one and high-temp one. In the process of carbonization, the three most importance factors are kindling, adjustment of air supply and fire quenching. Of course the organically structured knowledge will be imparted to you or you can also contact us for details. Besides, there is still one more factor worthy of being mentioned. Some clients may concern about the generation of negative pressure upon the clog of pipeline. However, Kingman has special design of pipeline to nip the safety loophole in the bud.

Now, let's introduce the simple process of using of briquette charcoal machine.   There are three stages when the briquettes carbonized in charcoal machine: low temperature and exhaust temperature, high temperature calcinations and cooling. Firstly, send the briquettes which have about 8% moisture into charcoal briquette machine. Too wet will greatly influence the quality of carbonization, so it will take several hours to exhaust moisture to guarantee the high quality of charcoal. When the temperature reaches 300 Centigrade, the charcoal machine will produce much combustible gas to heat up. In this stage, seal the furnace needs and keep it in an anaerobic atmosphere. Lastly, put the charcoal in the airy place to prevent from carbon dioxide poisoning. Usually, the charcoal should be placed in the outside for more than 8 hours to avoid fire resurgence.


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