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Factors influence the density and mechanical strength of briquette machine production

First of all, you need to consider is the briquette machine production cost control, including the choice of raw materials, purchase price of the raw material and so on. The control of the raw material cost and the quality of raw materials should be considered when choosing the raw materials, mainly judge from the fiber and lignin content of raw material. The former directly influences the density and mechanical strength of briquettes, while the latter determines the carbon content of the finished product. In the production process, the carbon content of charcoal produced by the raw material containing more lignin with greater density is higher and the quality of charcoal is the best.

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The plant fiber of annual plant straw is in no way comparable to the content of the trees of the perennial. Thus, in the normal production, perennial larch and hard miscellaneous wood have become the most ideal raw materials in the production of charcoal. In order to produce briquettes and charcoal of good quality, it not only depend on the equipment and technology, but also on the moisture content of the raw material. Generally, the moisture content of raw material is required to be less than 12%, but also more than 6%. Therefore, the first step we need to do is to dry the raw materials. When drying the raw materials, we can put the raw material with larger moisture content in the open air for drying 1 ~ 2 days in order to make its surface moisture evaporate, to reduce the time and fuel consumption of thermal drying. Then, we can put the raw material of full size in hot air dryer for drying until the water content of the raw material is less than 12%, the drying temperature is usually about 160 ~ 250 ℃.
The forming method of briquette machine is the extrusion molding under high temperature and high pressure. Sawdust in the forming cylinder is processed by two forces: one is the motivation from the motor passed through the screw rod, the other is the resistance from the inner wall. Under normal circumstances, the motivation is larger than the resistance. The greater the power, the faster the discharging. While the density is proportional to the resistance, the greater the resistance, the greater the density.
There are two ways to keep the enough motivation and resistance of briquette machine, one is to ensure that the radial clearance of the barrel and screw. Generally, the clearance should be as small as possible. In theory, no clearance is the best. But that is impossible. However, some of the barrels are bell mouthed, it should be subject to the clearance of the first lap of the screw. The second way is to reduce the resistance. When the clearance of the screw and the barrel increases, we can use the heating coil for heating to reduce the resistance. But because of the small resistance, the density of briquette is not as good as previous. When the resistance is too small, there would be crack on the briquette produced by sawdust briquette machine for sale.

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