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What is the use of sawdust and saw shavings and bark

There are plenty of people out there asking about what the use of biomass waste is? A lot of people actually possess a variety of biomass waste such as sawdust, saw shavings, bark, wood chips, rice husk, straw, gain stalks, corn cobs, bagasse, tree branches and twigs. In this regard, you should consider using the waste to produce briquette fuel or charcoal.

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Kingman briquette press and charcoal machine can process a variety of raw material as mentioned above. As we all know, reserves of fossil fuel across the globe is on the decrease, besides, air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions due to the use of fossil fuel also prevail worldwide. In particular, across some regions like China and the UK smog sometimes haunts and covers our cities and rural areas, posing a threat to our health. Therefore, renewable energy will become a promising substitute for fossil fuel. However, biomass fuel stands out among green energy resources.

Biofuel, as its name suggests, is made of biomass material, and the material range covers so many species of forest and wood as well as agro waste such as rice husk and straw. Across the whole world, biomass material can be seen everywhere. But the point is that there are still many people who have rich resources of biomass material are still unaware of the use value of the kind. They may throw it away and leave it alone, which is a quite a waste of material from which you can make money actually. In the wake of biomass energy development, technologies of biomass energy use and related machines creation have also experienced breakthroughs. Besides, application scope of briquette machine and charcoal machine has been extended from just wood material in the very beginning to agro waste. We today can put into use so many raw materials such as various species of wood, birch, beech, polar and othe hardwood and softwood, as well as agro waste such as rice husk, wheat straw, corn cobs and stalks, cotton stalks, bagasse, bamboo, palm EFB and so forth.

Kingman would like to help you turn biomass waste into biofuel in a bid to make you reuse wasted material in a green and recycled manner. We can offer the best and most suitable solutions for you.Our briquette machine, charcoal machine, briquette plant and charcoal plant feature high yield and competitive prices. There is no need for you to invest quite much in a briquette plant or charcoal plant but the payback is explicitly decent. We hope you can snatch the opportunities and win a wider market in the biofuel market across the world.

High efficiency superior quality biomass briquette machine for sale. If you have any questions about our straw briquette machine ,please feel free to contact us. Kingman briquette machine and charcoal machine will always be your best companion.


Biomass Briquette Machine and Biomass Briquette Plant
Kingman biomass briquette machine features good quality, stable performance and lost cost. Biomass briquette plant takes biomass briquette machine as the pivotal part of a briquetting system. Biomass material covers a wide range, including, forest waste, agricultural residue and other waste materials. 

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