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Raw material feeding is the key that affects the cost of briquette machine production

Briquette machine is the equipment that can realize the reuse of new biomass energy. Briquette machine makes use of the inherent property of the raw material, through the pressure of the screw to combine the lignin cellulose fiber of biomass materials under high temperature and high pressure to obtain semi-finished products with a hole in the center. Replacing the coal with the new green biomass energy (mechanism charcoal) produced by briquette machine can effectively relieve the energy crisis, also increase the income of investors. The biomass energy takes agriculture and forestry waste (such as sawdust, wood chips, rice husk, peanut shell, sunflower seed shell, coconut shell, the tree crumbs, bagasse, offal of furniture factory, etc.) as raw materials without any additives and produced after crushing, drying and carbonizing process of briquette machine.

briquette machine production
Before making mechanism charcoal, users would make a cost budget. The main objects of the budget are the raw materials, accessories, electric quantity and manpower cost in the production of briquette machine. In general, the inherent cost budget can prevent over-spending production of briquette machine, but it does not mean there is no risk at all. Let’s taking the raw material feeding of briquette machine as an example. The feeding of raw material in briquette machine seems to be the easily process in the production of briquette machine. However, it is also the process that the loss of cost comes from, which is mainly caused by the not careful feeding of equipment operators in the process of adding materials. As a result, part of the raw materials will be fell to the ground and at the same time, these materials would be cleared as garbage by the dustman in the case of no attention. The recurring material feeding would lead to the waste of raw materials objectively, which would also resulting in the loss of cost of production of briquette machine.
Therefore, to guarantee the production cost of briquette machine, users not only need to make the cost budget, but also pay attention to the feeding of raw materials in briquette machine, because these unknown details in the production will affect the cost of production. Feeding raw materials carefully and prevent raw material loss can guarantee the production cost of briquette machine.
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