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The density of briquette produced by briquette machine

The briquette machine is a kind of indispensable equipment for charcoal industry. It has been widely praised and accepted by many enterprises and plays an important role during the charcoal compaction industry. The briquettes produced by briquette machine are also widely used in many countries around the world.

briquettebriquette machine

The production of briquettes with briquette machine is one of the vital operation steps of the carbon making process. For people who just start in the briquetting business, this is really a technical topic. From the production principle of view, raw materials need to be drying and then fed into the briquette machine. The moisture content of raw materials should be kept under 12% before entering the briquette machine. High quality wood raw materials like sawdust, branches and wood are preferred. Next, the crushed material size should also be considered to prevent oversize material into the briquette machine. When using the briquette machine to produce briquettes, there are many factors that could influence the density of briquettes. In addition to the raw materials, other factors should also be noticed, such as the temperature and temperature control method, etc.
Temperature and temperature control method are the most important factors that would influence the density of briquette machine. In the briquetting process, the temperature rising would lead to changes of the material viscosity, and further affect the spiral pressure and extrusion. It would also result in uneven density of briquettes produced by briquette machine. When the operator of briquette machine adjusts the temperature with improper temperature control method, it will cause uneven density of briquette machine as well.
In summary, there are many reasons relating to the density of briquette when using briquette machine. Therefore, customers who just enter the industry had better consult the manufacturers of briquette machine about technical problems, and have a good learning and communication with the installation technician. In the later actual operation of briquette machine, the operator need to sum up experiences to master the skills of making briquettes quickly.
Briquette machine designed by our company is the advanced briquetting machinery, characterized by the high briquetting rate with good quality, simple design, easy to use and continuous operation. It can be used to process various raw materials. As a professional manufacturer of briquette machine, we are glad to receive your enquiry about our briquette machine and hope to be your sincere cooperator and friend. If you have any questions about our briquette machine , please feel free to contact us.

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