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The molding technology of briquette machine determines its trend of development

As we know, the mechanism charcoal is produced through molding, grinding, drying, carbonization and other processes, among which briquette machine is often used for molding. Briquette machine is the special equipment for molding sawdust, rice husks, peanut shells and straw after crushing. No additive is added in the production, since sawdust, straw and other plants contain lignin, which would soften and become liquid under proper temperature (200-300 degrees Celsius). When applying certain pressure, it would be bonded tightly with cellulose and cemented with adjacent particles. Then, briquettes can be formed after cooling. The proper temperature can make the lignin in raw materials dissolved better to achieve the greatest bonding strength and further reduces the friction in discharging.

production of briquette machine
The advantages of briquette machine determines its position in the market, the following are the performance characteristics of briquette machine:
1, The briquette machine is equipped with automatic control electric heating device, which can not only regulate the humidity of raw material, but also improve the production efficiency and ensure the stable molding of briquette machine.
2, The main parts of briquette machine are made of wear-resistant materials through special treatment, thus it can meet the demand of continuous production and prolong the service life of the briquette machine.
3, A variety of raw materials can be processed with the briquette machine with high production efficiency and continuous production.
4, The briquette machine strengthens the quality of lubricants and adopts new design lubricating coating and oil immersed lubrication, which makes the processing and production of briquettes more convenient.
5, The extrusion part increases the pitch of screw, therefore, the feeding quantity has been increased to a great content and greatly improve the production yield and working efficiency.
Briquette machine has a wide field of application for different materials and enjoys great popularity in the market. It also provides creative value for people who invest in briquette business. The stability, reliability and work efficiency of briquette machine produced by KMEC has been tested strictly in accordance with international standards to satisfy our customers and meet different requirements of customers. Due to the rich accumulation and years of production experience of our company, our briquette machine has been widely recognized by customers and sold to many countries around the world. We sincerely hope to become your supplier and cooperators in China. 

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