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Improving the efficiency of charcoal production with briquette machine

Generally speaking, we need to control the speed of briquetting in manufacturing charcoal briquette with briquette machine according to the brittleness and toughness of the material. If the speed of briquetting is too slow, it will affect the yield of the whole production line; while if the speed is too fast, it is bound to cause the cracking of briquettes, which would lead to the loss of carbon from the briquettes, thus affecting the product quality of mechanism carbon.

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Therefore, in the production of mechanism charcoal briquettes, the briquetting speed should be controlled reasonably. Make the forming sleeve and the propeller of briquette machine more compact and maximumly lifting the briquetting speed of briquette machine according to the main features of the impact load of mechanism charcoal. At the same time of ensuring the production process, the load bearing capacity of briquetting assembly should also be considered. The operator should keep the load capacity of propeller and the forming sleeve withstand the range, and then high-quality briquettes can be produced. The following are some safety precautions for the operator of briquette machine for users’ reference.
Safety precautions for the operator of mechanism charcoal production 
1. Personnel without the qualification examination and training of operation can not operate independently of charcoal briquette production.
2. Personnel of poor eyesight or slow reaction can not operate the briquette machine.
3. The surrounding environmental sanitation of the briquette machine should be ensured. The operator should pay attention not to stack sundries that has nothing to do with the production.
4. Check whether the extrusion device is damaged or not and test whether it can work normally before charcoal briquette production; check whether the connecting bolts of the briquette machine is loose and the safety device is firm or not.
5. Check each lubricating part of the equipment, remove the dirt and add lubricating oil before the production of mechanism charcoal.
6. The constant temperature heating time of sleeve and mould of briquette machine should be ensured to prevent the material temperature not up to the process requirements of briquette machine.
The six safety precautions of briquette machine are summarized by the experts of our company. If you still have other problems about the production of charcoal briquettes, please contact us for more detailed information, we will do best to solve the problem for you. KMEC is one of the earliest and largest manufacturer of biomass briquette machine that provides our customers with qualified products, competitive biomass briquette price and superior service. The home use biomass briquette machine is also for sale. If you are interested in home use or commercial use biomass briquette machine, please feel free to contact us.

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