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How to choose biomass briquetting plant for sale

In the production process of briquettes and mechanical charcoal, the procedure of raw material forming has higher technology content, which is one of the most complicated parts of the mechanical charcoal production. The following is a detailed description of the structure of biomass briquetting plant for sale, the working principle and common problems of forming.

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The core components of biomass briquetting plant for sale include the motor, casting shell, bearing, propeller and the forming cylinder, each of these components has a direct impact on the quality of the molding effect. First of all, the motor used in biomass briquetting plant for sale should be chosen with national standard and the power of which should not be less than 15 kw, otherwise the machine body would be heated up when working continuously that the output power is reduced. As a result, the density of forming would be lower. Secondly, the model of the bearing should be a little larger with good quality. Thirdly, the thickness of the casting shell should be more than 30 mm, otherwise it would be unable to guarantee the overall strength, which would lead to shell fracture in the actual production, resulting in equipment scrapping. When choose the biomass briquetting plant for sale, customers can focus on the three parts mentioned above. When in accordance with the above requirements, the overall equipment quality should be no problem.
For the propeller of biomass briquetting plant for sale, the size is required to be reasonable and the material is not that important, ordinary 45 # steel can be used, because the artificial repair welding parts rather than the propeller itself would wear in the work. In the repair of the propeller, wear-resistant electrode with diameter of 4.0 or above should be used for a one-time completion. Cool slowly in the dry lime, then grind to the regulated size and the surface should be smooth. There are tow requirements for the forming cylinder: one is the reasonable size, other other is wear-resisting. The wear degree of forming cylinder is less than the propeller in the work. The service life of good forming cylinder can reach one thousand hours. The wear degree of the forming cylinder should be inspected regularly in the production. The first line of the spiral can be lengthened or heightened appropriately according to the degree of wear to increase the pressure. If larger pit or spot is found, the operator should replace it immediately, otherwise it will lead the poor quality of briquettes produced by the biomass briquetting plant for sale. In addition to the core component, there are other important components in the briquette machine, such as the heating ring, thermocouple, voltmeter, ammeter and thermometer, etc. The material of the heating ring had better choose stainless steel, service life of which is much longer than iron. Besides, the contactor of thermocouple should be sensitive.

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