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The difference of making charcoal with log and straw

Both log and straw can be used as the raw material of briquette machine to make briquette and charcoal, then what is the difference between these two kinds of raw material? First of all, when making charcoal with log, due to the large density of raw material, the quality of charcoal produced is better than that of other raw materials. In the process of log, the part of making briquette with briquette machine can also be saved, while sawdust, rice husk, straw and other materials are required to be made into briquette first. Usually, the charcoal used in barbecue and hot pot is formed by briquette. In some areas, the straw is carbonized directly and then spread in the land used as the fertilizer. In the production of hookah charcoal, mosquito-repellent incense charcoal powder and firecracker carbon powder, the latter should be used for carbonization before molding.

charcoal production with different materials
At present, the production of charcoal usually adopts the method of briquetting before carbonization, because the quality of charcoal produced in this way is better with large density and easy to burn. The charcoal produced by carbonization before molding is not suitable for combustion, because the charcoal powder has no stickiness so that some additives should be added to guarantee the quality of carbon powder molding, which is not conducive to the burning of charcoal. Therefore, when purchasing the charcoal, users should choose according to their own needs. The temperature control is key to the production of briquette machine and carbonizing furnace. The carbonization process can not be too fast nor too slow. Good briquette machine should be used. The larger density of briquette, the better the quality of the charcoal produced. After carbonization, cooling of charcoal must be made with good sealing effect, especially the welding place. Otherwise, it would lead to direct burning of charcoal. 
The main raw materials used in the production of charcoal can be the rice husk, peanut shell, cotton shell, corn cob, corn stalks, sorghum stalk, bean stalk, sawdust, wood chips, wood shavings, pine seed shell, coconut shell, among which sawdust, wood shavings, bamboo shavings and rice husk are superior to the other. The characteristics of the machine-made charcoal: large density, high calorific value, smoke-free, tasteless, no pollution, no explosions and flammable with the carbon content of more than 85%, calorific value of more than 8000 calories, ash content of less than 5%, volatilization of less than 15% and moisture content of less than 4% without impurities, smokeless and tasteless in the burning process. The external diameter is 37-40mm and the middle aperture is less than 15mm. 

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