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Does temperature influence the quality of briquette produced by biomass briquette machine

When using biomass briquette machine to produce mechanism charcoal, temperature is the problem that always exists in the whole producing process, which is also closely related to the production of machine-made charcoal. If you want to produce high quality mechanism charcoal, the process of drying, briquetting and carbonizing are quite necessary. 

1, When using the drying machine to dry raw materials with water content of less than 12%, the drying temperature is generally about 160-250 degrees.
2, The briquetting process of raw materials is completed in the biomass briquette machine. There are three heating rings out of the forming cylinder, which can make the temperature of the forming cylinder rises to 350℃ or so in order to ensure the large density and smooth surface of the charcoal. The molding temperatures are different according to the kind of raw materials and water content and determined through field test. Generally speaking, if we assume that the propeller is qualified, and the moisture content of raw material is between 6-12%, then we can control the final forming temperature of sawdust, wood shavings and bamboo material between 260-320 degrees. (Note: the proper temperature of briquette machine can make the lignin in raw materials dissolved better to achieve the maximum cohesive force and decrease the friction of discharging.)
3, If the final product of material molding is carbon, then carbonization furnace or kiln should be used to process charcoal into qualified carbon. The carbonizing process of low temperature carbon can be divided into three temperature ranges of drying, initial carbonization and comprehensive carbonization.
It is not hard to find that the temperature plays a big role in the whole process of mechanism charcoal technology. However, many customers can not master the skills of temperature controlling, thus the briquettes they produced with biomass briquette machine are not qualified. As we know, the purpose for raising the temperature of biomass briquette machine is to soften the lignin in raw materials in order to increase their stickiness, which are beneficial to the compression. If the temperature is too high, the material would be over softened. Though the discharging speed is fast, the briquette produced is not strong enough. If the temperature is too low, then the material has low stickiness, the briquette is not strong and with cracks.

Therefore, the operator should master the proper temperature through repeated tests of biomass briquette machine. Generally speaking, the temperature of bamboo materials should be kept at 260-280 degrees. The proper temperature for sawdust is about 280-300 degrees, and the straw or husk is about 300-320 degrees. In addition, the moisture content of raw materials should also be considered when adjusting the temperature of biomass briquette machine. Even for the same material, the temperature for briquetting would be different.

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