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Suggestions on choosing biomass briquette machines

Suggestions on choosing the most suitable biomass briquette machines

The manufacturing of briquette machines on an industrial scale has come into being and biomass briquettes can be produced in the way of commercialization. However, we would like to share some tips for you in a bid to pick up a desirable briquette machine for production. You are supposed to attach more importance to the unit-time production yield, power consumption, service life of quick-wear parts and demands for raw material pretreatment.

General speaking, the machine made from the big company with good reputation has first class product quality. Small factory produce the briquette machine, through you can found big difference except the price, it actually has different quality and performance. In a shor period of time, it may have no difference with the high quality briquette machine. As time goes by, you may found that you have to pay much money  for mantaining the machine. This maybe a big expenditure for your briquetting process. So, you 'd better found a high quliaty briquette machine which is more economic and benefical method to save your money.     

First, production yield not only affects whether the scale production can be realized or not, but also exerts a great influence on cost recovery and profits generation. If your expected production is 1 ton, the machine can not achieve the goal. That means that you have to pay for additional moeny for labor force, energy cunsumption and machinery wearing. To achive the biggest output in the unit time is the primary tusk for the brqiuetting process. Even you can not produce more briquette, saving money and energy is beneficial for your briquetting process. 

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Second, energy consumption against the unit-time output also is counted as another quite crucial factor and it should be considered compatible with the previous factor, yield. Except the production, the second factor that you should considered is energy consumption. For the output and imput of energy, there should be a good balance between them. That means you have to produce more product for energy than the energy you have put into the process. Saving energy is to save money for the whole production. 

Third, a majority of people couldn’t careless about the quick-wear parts. But it should be acknowledged that the factor also impacts your investment in a briquette plant project. Prior to the purchase of briquettes, you are entitled to get to know the service life and material of molds and the spare parts so that to reduce costs and maximize the profits. The most quickest easy wearing parts for the briquette machine is the propeller. Regular changing of propeller maybe the most important input for mantaining. Anyway, do not just concern about the price of mold, because a good-quality material deserves the corresponding costs.

The last but not the least, pretreatment of raw material matters a lot before briquetting, such as moisture content and size of feedstock, even material species influencing the efficiency of briquette machine. The higher moisture content a briquette machine can tolerate, the fewer the costs on pretreatment of material can be put. On the contrary, the smaller the size of material is, the higher costs will be paid in the pretreatment section. To ge the material wiht proper moisture content and particle size is to save money and faciliate the briquette process. 


Except the money issue that you should consider, there are other factors you should take into consideration, like the salary to the workers. Until now, there is no total automatic equipment for the briquetting process. It it necessary to hire sereral workers to completely the job. Even for the high automation degree machine, the operator should be hired to observe the operation of the prodcution and adjsut the parameter. This is a big issue for making briquette. In addition, the fee for storage and transporation has to be considered. It has nothing relationship wiht the biomass briquette machine in surfact. Therefor, this factors greatly affec the briquetting efficiency and quality of product.  When choosing a briquette machine, you have to pay attention to the comprehensive effect of this machine. 

Therefore, you have to take into account the aforesaid factors at large, not only to slash your budget as much as possible but also to achieve a higher efficiency with better quality. Briquetting fuel, one of the most important and strategic renewable energy resources, will spearhead the development of biomass energy advance and application across the whole world. The development of solid biomass fuel will also be conducive to strengthening national security of energy and improving ecological environment, reducing pollutant emissions and constructing of new rural areas in a sustainable manner. Low-carbon economy can be realized just through each effort made from each of us as well.


Classification of straw briquetting machine
Actually the structural design of straw briquetting machine comes from pellet mill. In china, there are three kinds of straw briquetting machine--mechanical press, Hydraulic press and screw press type. 

Sawdust briquette machine Wood briquette machine

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