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New characters of biomass briquette machines and use analyses

New characters of biomass briquette machines and use analyses

Over the past decades of years, people started realizing the advantages of biomass briquette machines and they underpinning the huge market set up their own briquetting plants. Perhaps, there are still many directors of timber and lumber factories or farmland or forest owners having not realized the great use of their waste material such as sawdust, saw shavings, rice husk, grain stalks and straw, bagasse, palm EFB, and various wood species. Therefore, we would like to make quite terse analyses for you to comprehend and make profits earlier from the use of briquette machines.
1. The bold and creative design of biomass briquette machines has proved productions of biomass briquettes are of high quality. The briquette presses feature compact and simple structure with less floor occupation, energy-saving and lower labor input.

2. The heating coil on the machine can be adjusted in temperature to control moisture content and forming temp and stabilize briquetting so that the performance will become steadily efficient.
3. Kingman biomass briquette presses are made of wear-resistant material under special treatment to squeeze briquettes continuously with stability.
4. The wood briquette machines are adaptable to a variety of biomass raw material with lower energy consumption and higher efficiency compared to other brands of briquetting machines.
5. Lubricating system has been upgraded for the convenience of maintenance.

6. Thread Pitch of mold has been expanded in a bid to enhance input of material and output of briquettes.
7. The improvement in mold structure will reduce frictions generated by material and the machine per se so that the density of briquettes is strengthened correspondingly.

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