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Working principle of smokeless carbonizing furnace

Carbonizing furnace takes iron plate as shell and refractory brick liner. Actually, the carbonizing process is to burn the briquettes produced by briquette machine under the anoxic condition in an airtight space. The smokeless carbonizing furnace is designed based on the principle. The advantage of the improved carbonizing furnace is that users are no longer need to build it by themselves and it is convenient for transportation and move.

smokeless carbonizing furnace

Working principle of carbonizing furnace:
1. The carbonizing furnace adopts advanced smokeless equipment, equipped with advanced filters, which can disperse the water and tar quickly out of the smoke to achieve the effect of smoke-free and environmental protection.
2. The carbonizing furnace takes self-produce gas stove as the heat source. The methane gas is used through the cyclone into the burner. The temperature of the burner outlet is 800℃ ~ 1200℃with the flow rate of 3 ~ 5 meters per second. The high temperature gas flow produced heat in the periphery of combustion chamber. The moisture inside the furnace is the maximum when the furnace temperature is heated up to 100℃ ~ 150℃.
3. The furnace temperature can be adjusted according to the needs. Low temperature carbon is generally above 400℃ (for 8 hours), high temperature carbon is above 600℃ (for 10 hours).
4. Per kilogram of briquette would bring 4 ~ 8% of moisture when being put into the furnace. More than 100 kilograms of water can be brought by 1700kg of raw materials. However, the water is unfavorable for carbonization, because the briquette would be affected with damp and crushed into powder, which would seriously influence the quality of carbonizing. Therefore, moisture removal system is an indispensable process. The moisture removal time is 1-1.5 hours. When the temperature in the carbonizing chamber is up to 300℃, large amounts of combustible gas would be produced in the furnace. In theory, raw material of per kilogram can produce three cubic methane gas, which can be used for warming up in the carbonizing process as the heat source of drying.

Smokeless carbonizing furnace is one of the prerequisite of the construction of the charcoal briquette machine production line. The good energy saving and smoke-free effect cater to the environmental protection requirements of charcoal production industry. After the advent of smokeless carbonizing furnace, sales are quite well and created the achievements in the field of carbonizing furnace. Carbonizing furnace produced by our company is improved and innovated constantly to meet the needs of charcoal production.

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