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Choosing Standards of Charcoal Briquetting Machine

How to distinguish and choose the best-quality charcoal briquetting machines?

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Charcoal briquetting machine, namely briquetting machine, is used to produce biomass briquettes as semi-finished product for charcoal machine or carbonized stove. Since the briquetting quality is also impacted by charcoal briquetting machine per se, we should be capable of differentiating briquetting machines as well, which is the pivotal equipment among a briquetting plant.

The first importance shall be attached to driving force of a briquetting machine. On the one hand motors of briquetting press shall never be equipped with aluminum wires and cables, and on the other, motor power should not remain insufficient. Otherwise, briquetting density will be affected.
Second, you should confirm with the manufacturer of briquetting presses that motor bearings should be compatible with briquette yield.
Third, castings weight is another factor for the charcoal briquetting machine, with the thickness of them up to 50mm and the holistic weight not less than 300kg.
Fourth, get to know the propeller traits and working principles of the mold.
Fifth, the electrical components shall be confirmed with reliability and stability.

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Briquetting machine in China
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