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How to dry material for briquetting plant

Matters need attention for drying system

Generally, a systematic briquetting plant should have drying equipment included. However, some details will draw your attention during raw material drying process. We hereby would like to give you some tips to enhance drying efficacy.

Air flow dryer

The moisture content of the raw material is one of the key factors regarding quality of briquettes. The moisture followed with the increased pressure and temperature, the lignin act as an adhesive binder for biomass particles, resulting in a strong solid structure. In addition to the effects of hydrolysis, moisture affects mechanical properties of briquettes. If the moisture content of raw materials is low, hydrolysis and heat transfer through the material will be lower and higher pressures should be applied. If the moisture is too high, one can expect poor bonding and micro-explosive evaporation of water micro-pockets during and after pressing and as a consequence, disintegration of briquettes. 
Kingman drying systems adopt the principle of high-speed hot air flow circulation to maximize drying volume and efficiency at a time. Raw material with moisture content up to 40% can be dried once and for all. With this recommoned mositure content after cooling briquettes wil be free of cracks wiht good quality reguarding hardness and strength. 

The pivotal factors to which shall be attached importance during the process of drying include feeding volume and material size and hot air temperature control. We can discuss the factors respectively as follows:
1. Feeding volume also refers to feeding speed at certain time. For example, within one hour the more raw material is put into dryer, the lower drying level will be. Our design and offer of drying system depends upon the requirements for production yield from clients. If clients put into production a briquetting plant with designed yield of 2 tons per hour to produce in effect 3 tons per hour. And clients may speed up feeding of raw material to rush to produce briquettes forcibly which will result in not only subpar drying degree, but also further affecting the quality of briquettes or even leading to no briquettes produced.

2. Material size is another crucial factor impacting drying efficiency. The larger material size goes, the higher the possibility of material sediment within drying pipeline will be increased. As an adverse result, the passageway for material going through pipeline will be narrowed in this regard within drying channel. Of course the design and offer of drying system are also related to briquetting requirement. That means neither oversized material can achieve smooth briquetting performance nor material of too small size can be made into briquettes due to lower cohesiveness of too mealy size. That’s why a crusher is usually brought into pretreatment section in a briquetting plant.
3. Hot air temperature control is interacted with feeding volume and material size as well. When feeding volume to some extent within unit time is stable, the higher temperature goes, the more raw material can be put in.
The aforesaid three factors are interconnected and mutually influenced. They are bound to be inspected and controlled accordingly. This is also the reason why operators of a briquetting plant should cooperate with one another rather than working so independently.

Besides, what is worth mentioning is biomass burner of a drying system can be fueled with tree bark, disqualified briquettes and other biomass waste so that the on-site environment can be improved on the one hand and your investment in burner fuel can be decreased favorably.

If raw material is dampened by rain whatsoever, you can shovel it in dryer bit by bit to get it dried thoroughly.

You will better realize a high efficient drying performance as long as the tips can be actually put into use for your briquetting plant.


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