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How to Maintain the Propeller of Briquette Machine

It is well known that the propeller is one of the vulnerable parts of briquette machine. Therefore, there are strict technical requirements in the maintenance of propeller. Only to master the maintenance technologies, can we improve the production of briquette machine. In the following content, we will introduce some maintenance knowledge of the propeller:

Propeller of Briquette Machine
1, The poor quality of welding material leads to short welding time. Due to its features of wear resistance and high temperature resistance, the quality of welding materials should be pretty good. If welding with the welding electrode on the market, it can be used for about five to ten hours. However, with the best material and qualified welding process, it can be used for about 100 hours.
2, The welding techniques are quite important. Electric welding is used in most cases on the market with the longest using period of about 30 hours, for the reason that the high temperature resistance problem can not be solved by the electric welding and wear-resistant materials is difficult to uniformly dissolved into the steel material when welding.
3, Different compression ratio should be used with different materials. The fineness and softness of the material have different requirements for the propeller. Generally speaking, small compression ratio should be used with hardwood, while the compression ratio of fir is large. This is the reason why  a lot of people think that fir sawdust is worthless and can not be made into briquettes. The production staff are required to judge the compression ratio according to the experience and materials. The factory had better prepare the propeller for a variety of materials, which should be roughly separated.
The propeller of briquette machine plays an important role during the processing of charcoal briquettes. As one of the quick-wear parts of briquette machine, it is the key factor to produce briquettes with high quality. Although there is much work need to be done with the propeller, we believe that it would be well worth it. If you still have any questions about the propeller and the briquette machine, feel free to contact us. 
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Biomass densification is the bonding together of waste biomass product, such as wood chips or sawdust, peanut husk, rice husk, sunflower seed husks, bagasse (sugar cane or sugar beet residue), coffee shells, coconut husks, etc. 

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