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Screw Briquette Machine Quick-wear Part

Screw Briquette Machine Quick-wear Part

Screw briquette machine can also be called screw briquette press. For so many clients’ part, they may not consider getting to know the quick-wear parts of briquette machine. But eventually continuous operation of screw briquette press or even briquetting plant will be adversely affected.

Screw Rod

Screw briquette machine is mainly used within briquette charcoal making plant. In this respect, sufficient carbonization is strictly imperative, and as a result, a majority of hollow briquettes shall be needed. The requirement has also raised demands for upgrading of biomass briquette press. Nonetheless, biomass briquette press could only extrude center-solid briquettes which have been proved it tough to be carbonized due to the tight and dense structure in the central part and it failed to be charred to the marrow. With regard to thorough carbonization, screw briquette press was designed with propeller as the briquetting mold, namely, the screw rod in briquetting chamber, and the mold remains the most quick-wear part of briquette machine.

Briquette Machine 
Get to know more basic knowledge of screw briquette press

The spare parts, as its name indicate, they are easy to wear out, and they are the main and important parts of the briquetting machines. For example, the screw propellers, the bearing put great pressure on the proplee to squinch the sawdust into molding barrel. So, it will be weared out easily. Every eight hours need to be repaired with wear-resistant electrode. And, nearly a month, it need to be replaced with a new one.

As we know the harsh working condition of high temperature and high pressure will quicken abrasion upon the propeller. Besides, the screw rod will vary from one briquette press manufacturer to another. Screw rods cannot be manufactured within a production line due to the unique feature tailor-made for clients. Briquette density lies largely in screw rod, namely, length and diameter. More importantly, the front end of screw rod is the dynamically squeezing part which will then be abraded severely after a period of work. It demands routine welding and grinding, and our technicians will share the detailed knowledge with you or you can also contact us straightforward. Speaking of welding on the front end of screw rod, wear-resistant electrodes made from carbon tungsten alloy are bound to be used.


The main reasons for failing to repair of screw rods
Screw rods, namely propeller and forming mold of briquette press. The mold as mentioned before shall be revamped. Otherwise, briquette press performance will be affected due to the abrasion of mold. However, we heard from clients that they sometimes encountered some failures of briquette presses still relating to screw rod. 
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