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Rice Husk & Peanut Shell Charcoal Briquette Machines

At times, some clients may be curious about whether there are rice husk charcoal briquette machines and peanut shell charcoal briquette machines. The answer of course is yes.

As we mentioned before, a variety of raw materials can be applied to make briquettes and charcoal, both varied species of wood and different agricultural materials. According to statistics and our experience, combusting time and thermal value of rice husk charcoal and peanut shell charcoal are both desirable. Therefore, the two kinds of briquettes and charcoal made from rice husk and peanut shell enlarge fuel market and cater to more demands in daily life. Rice husk charcoal and peanut charcoal can be used in the field of catering such as barbeque and hot pot and for cooking domestically. Also they can be industrially used as fuel for power plants and domestic heating systems.

Actually, speaking of material pretreatment, rice husk can be put into briquette machine directly without being crushed compared to peanut shell, which as a result will save costs. However, moisture content of material as another factor also impacts briquetting efficiency. Therefore you should inquire professional manufacturer and supplier for details and elaborate upon info about your material to our staff so that we can design the most suitable project for you. Different materials with distinguished traits demand different technological process, which also means our equipment offers will vary from one project to another.

Across the whole world rice or paddy production areas are quite extensive such as Southeast Asia, China, America and South America. Our rice husk charcoal briquette machines are more popular with clients from the abovementioned regions.

As for peanut shell, it is commonly seen being used with peanut oil extraction plants to save costs on transportation of raw material. Of course compression ratio for briquetting different raw materials also will vary. 

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Biomass Briquette Machine
The available biomass material covers a wide range to be made into biomass briquettes and charcoal, such as sawdust, straw and stalk, rice husk, palm EFB and palm tree, bough and twigs and the like. Almost all plants can be processed with the biomass briquette machines and others shall be pretreated prior to briquetting. 
Sawdust briquette machine Wood briquette machine

Comparison Between Briquette Machine
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Rice Husk Briquette Machine and Briquette Plant
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