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Why are Briquettes Hollow Produced from Screw Type Briquette Machine

Before starting a briquette plant, some people may wonder why there is always a hollow center through briquettes produced by the screw type briquette machine. Before answering that question, we have to talk about the emergence of screw type briquette machine first.


Charcoal is a different material from briquettes because the former stems from the latter but in a carbonized way. The demand for charcoal remains in parallel with or even bigger than those of briquettes due to the more extensive use. Charcoal has to be made from compacted biomass materials, therefore the demands for briquette machine came out to offer briquettes for carbonization. Within the process of carbonization, sufficient chemical effect shall occur to briquettes. The compacted structure of briquettes is also the reason for them not amply being carbonized, not least in the central part of it. Hence, to carbonize briquettes needs to leave a hole in the center of briquettes so that carbonizing effect can penetrate through the surface to the marrow of briquettes.

Therefore, the screw type briquette machine was created, which is different in working principle from other briquette machine models such as the stamping briquette press and hydraulic briquetting machine. Screw type briquette machines can leave a hole in the middle of briquettes and the synergized work between screw rod and sleeve of a briquette machine influences the forming of briquettes. That is why screw type briquette machine is largely applied to be used for briquette carbonization and to make charcoal fuel.

Advantages of screw type briquette machine:
No binder is needed in briquetting process, since the high temperature pressing process will soften the lignin inside the biomass and make it adhesive.
1.The briquettes made by screw type briquette machine have uniform shape, high density, easy and durable to burn, no ash, etc. 
2.The screw shaft and other key parts are made by high hardness alloy steel which have longer service life than those made by other manufacturers.
3.The gear box is equipped with lubricating device so that the main part can be lubricated regularly.
4. The screw type briquette machine adopts auto-cutting system to cut the briquettes into uniform length automatically.


We would like to make a detailed comparison between screw type briquette machine, mechanical stamping briquette machine and hydraulic briquette machine so that you will comprehend the three types of briquette machine well.

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