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Briquette and charcoal fuel to release the Crimean crisis, Ukraine

As a country rich in forest and wood resource, Ukraine does have a solid and lavish foundation for biomass briquette and charcoal production since wood briquette plants demand continuous input of biomass material such as sawdust, saw shavings, wood chips and other biomass forms.

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Besides, the recent Crimean crisis across the whole Ukraine has also triggered ripple and stirred up energy crisis in the Black Sea region because Russia, the biggest supplier of natural gas and oil to Ukraine, had had prices of natural gas and oil increased dramatically. We can tell that the political crisis also stretches out to the economic sphere and the economy has been intertwined tightly with the political turmoil. For example, the prices of natural gas have been lifted up to more than USD480 per cubic meter, an increase of more than half of the previous USD268. The grim situation forces the Ukrainian government to restructure energy pattern in the country and to call for its domestic industry and households to resort to other replacement of energy supply such as hydropower and biomass fuel. At the same time, Ukraine is looking for deepened cooperation with the EU to tackle the imminent energy chaos.

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Energy and fuel counts most for the development of a country with no exception of Ukraine, therefore, it has been proved at the moment that we should count on domestic energy supply rather than on import. In addition, Ukraine does possess affluent resources of forest and wood as well as farm areas. Hence, Ukraine now has more opportunities to turn wood sawdust, saw shavings and agro waste into biomass briquette and briquette charcoal fuel by using biomass briquette presses and wood briquette charcoal plants. KMEC biomass briquette machines and wood briquette and charcoal plants can help turn wood residue and agro waste into renewable biofuel briquettes and charcoal which are seen as the best substitute for natural gas and oil. In view of the Crimean crisis, domestic businessmen of Ukraine should realize the energy business and trade opportunities are waving hands to you. The political issue can also help you to make money as long as you can capitalize upon the energy pattern transformation and start biomass briquette and charcoal production by using wood briquette machines and briquette and charcoal production lines. What’s more, briquettes and charcoal fuel can not only serve domestic fuel market, but also be exported to European countries such as Germany, the UK, Norway, Sweden, Italy, France and other Western European countries because they all are large biomass briquettes and charcoal fuel consumers annually and consistently with regard to renewable utilization and transformation of energy structure respectively.

We hereby call on both Ukrainian businessmen and trade investors from other countries who are able to take downward economy of Ukraine and the Crimean crisis as a golden opportunity to develop biomass briquette and charcoal business so that you can take advantage of and make full use of the potential Ukrainian biomass fuel market and great capacity of briquette and charcoal fuel production. Now is the chance to be independent in biofuel briquette and charcoal production and supply for Ukraine. No need to rely heavily on Russian natural gas supply and be manipulated by Russia on energy supply. Ukraine can achieve progress in economic advancement independently and choose the path for itself. Because, economic development of Ukraine should not be controlled by any other countries by Ukrainian people themselves and the Crimean crisis and political crisis shall not badly influence people’s livelihood in Ukraine because common people are innocent. The increased prices of natural gas will be burdened by common people and the result will be that innocent common people will become victims of fights between Ukrainian politicians and Russian speculators.

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Biomass briquettes and charcoal will be the best option for investment due to the safety, low costs and large yield compared with nuclear power, wind and solar energy as well as hydropower generation. Your investment in a biomass briquette plant will not only win profits for yourself, but benefit common people as well, such as to low the inflated prices of energy and fuel and to improve environment of our daily life. Besides, the operation of a briquette and charcoal production line will also create jobs for the economy to have the unemployment rate decreased too. Therefore, the biomass briquette and charcoal plants will be the best option for Ukraine to make the best of wood and agro resources and stabilize and boost the development of Ukrainian economy.


Sawdust Utilization as Biofuel
Sawdust, a kind of biomass material, is usually seen produced from saw mills and furniture factories yet in irregular shape and size. From time to time, small pieces of wood block and impurities can be found mixed inside. Although there are various wood species out there, yet the main component remains carbohydrate, with a speck of mineral matters contained.
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