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Reasons for the briquette machine that can not produce briquettes

The main reasons for briquette machine that can not produce briquette include: a). insufficient heating; b). excessive material moisture; c). incorrect propeller angle; d). serious wear of forming set. In fact, the method to solve these problems is quite simple, that is to increase the temperature when heating and drying the materials, change the angle of propeller and replace the forming set. If the hardness of briquettes is poor, which is due to the too steep of spiral, then, the operator should polish and smooth it.

Briquettes Charcoal
Briquette machine can be used to process crop straw and other wastes like sawdust, branches, rice husk, bamboo shavings into briquettes, then high quality charcoal briquettes can be made through carbonization. The main characteristics are as follows:
1. High energy: about 80% of fixed carbon content, 7500-8000kcal/kg of calorific value, with high density and long-lasting burning. While the fixed carbon content of common charcoal is low, the calorific value of which is about 6500kcal/kg.
2, Clean: smoke free, less ash and flammable.
3, Uniform shapes, reasonable layout and convenient to use: with the same length and size, hollow or solid layout, which is good for burn and use.
4, Low water content of less than 5%: the water content of common charcoal is larger.
Briquette machine produced by our company is suitable for processing various kinds of biomass raw materials with low energy consumption and high production efficiency. Welcome to come and purchase.


Briuqetting machine Wood Briquette Machine

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