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Detailed description of briquette machine

Briquette machine is the core equipment among the charcoal machine equipment, it is indispensable for the production of biomass briquettes. In addition, the briquette machine also takes the core technology of charcoal machine. Other equipment, like the crusher, drying machine, carbonization furnace are with simple operation, and the technology of which is easy to master, while the maintenance and operation of briquette machine need to be learned continuously and slowly.

test-run of ZBJ-CY briquette machine
When talking about the briquette machine, we should start from its principle. The principle of briquette machine is to mold raw materials with high temperature, then materials would be pressed into hollow or hexagonal briquettes with high pressure. In this process, the moisture of raw materials should be kept at 8% - 12%. Higher moisture would produce loose briquettes, while lower moisture of raw materials would make the briquettes produced easy to crack and are not strong enough.
When using the briquette machine to produce briquettes, the temperature should reach 260-280 degrees in normal production. When the operator starts the briquette machine, he could raise the temperature for thirty or forty degrees, since the temperature would drop suddenly in the beginning of raw material forming for about thirty or forty degrees, then temperature would be just 260-280 degrees. During normal production, the appearance of briquettes produced is in heavy black and shiny. It is heavy and the density can be up to 1.2. When putting the briquettes  put in the water, they would sink to the bottom, not floating like wood.
The core technologies of briquette machine are the screw propeller and forming cylinder, both of which are wearing parts of briquette machine. The difference between the screw propeller and forming cylinder is that the propeller wears quickly, but it can be repaired. However, the forming cylinder wears slowly, but it can not be repaired. Generally, the propeller can be used for 5 to 7 days, then it needs to be welding and grinding, which is the priority among priorities and directly related to the normal production of briquette machine. Users should remember that, after the purchase of briquette machine, he should master the welding and grinding technology. While the forming cylinder would wear after using for one to two years, users could buy a new one from the manufacturers.
From the content above, it is not hard to find that the briquette machine plays a decisive role in the production of briquettes. Therefore, customers should choose briquette machine with high quality and good after-service. KMEC is a professional briquette machine manufacture with more than ten years of production experience and our products have been sold to many countries around the world. We sincerely hope to become your supplier and cooperator in China. 


Development of straw briquette press machine in China
As briquetting equipment, straw briquette press machine extrude high density fuel chip from smashed straw and package again. The result of biomass fuel boiler is taking the place of normal coal stove is that the traditional using pattern of coal stove cause the air pollution. 

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