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Why the charcoal produced by briquette press has many fractures?

It’s inevitable for people who just engaged in producing charcoal industry to encounter cracking and fractures of charcoal. There are many differences go with various elements and different conditions. Let’s get a simple summary on the basis of our factory‘s professional experience and technician’s experience. The structural integrity of the briquette is affected by the size of particles, moisture, content of lignin and cellulose. Lignin in biomass can enhance the binding characteristics of demystified briquette during the preheating of the material. A higher lignin with a small particle size and low moisture glues the briquette more strongly together. In general, the fractures on the surface probably were affected by irregular size of particles. 
1. Semi-finished charcoal needs high density. The higher the density of charcoal the better the quality of carbonized charcoal.
2. Elegant design of kiln has the volume of 2.7*1.4*1.6 or above. If the volume is not big enough that the kiln will damaged by fire inevitably. It loses the competitive advantage of the design.
3. The seal of kiln body ensure the semi-finished charcoal and the kiln don’t turn off due to the air leakage. If you use the charcoal furnace, you’d better seal the welding-seams around the furnace ( the mud is pretty good). 
wood briquette plant4. The carbonizing process can not too fast to maximize the discharge of humidity;
5. It is necessary to master the principle of carbonization to produce low-temperature carbon, high-temperature carbon according to customer’s requirements. And it’s important to master the changing curve of carbonization and the technicians should have good judgment of the color and flavors of the smoke. The result of carbonization is the warranty of profit.
6.moisture content should be low because high moisture content will cause problems in firing and excessive energy will be needed for drying, moreover can lead to affect the quality of combustion.
 7.ash content should be less than 4% because biomass with high ash content mostly composed of impurities. These components have low fusion temperature which leads to an increment in the material.
8. flow characteristics will cause briquetting. The more granular homogeneous materials can flow easily in conveyors, which are appropriate for briquetting. 

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