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Elimination methods for large or uneven moisture of material in briquette plant for sale

As the production technology of mechanical charcoal is getting mature, a large number of manufacturers with uneven technical levels are emerged in the manufacturing industry of briquette plant for sale. In fact, there are two factors that would affect the technology and production of mechanical charcoal: the device hardware and controlling technology. In the following content, we would compare the two main factors to guarantee the purchase and usage of customers of the briquette plant for sale.

briquette plant for sale
In general, the equipment used in the briquette plant for sale mainly include the straw pulverizer, drum dryer, briquette machine and smokeless carbonizing furnace. The quality of the mechanical charcoal is mainly decided by the carbon content , raw material and the charcoal burning process, or the chemical composition of the charcoal. The burning time is codetermined by the quality of the briquette plant for sale, which requires higher calorific value and smaller contact surface area of charcoal and air to extend the burning time. The surface area not only refers to the outer surface, but also include the internal holes. Due to the particularity of charcoal production, it must be guaranteed first that the briquette plant for sale can maintain a certain pressure to increase the internal density of charcoal and the unit carbon content at the same time to ensure larger contact area of briquettes and air in the process of charcoal production. Thus, it can be seen that the utilization of high quality briquette plant for sale is the foundation to make high quality charcoal. The following are the elimination methods for large or uneven moisture of materials in briquette plant for sale:
1. The moisture content of material is too large after drying: this kind of situation can be caused by the improper model of the dryer. When that appears, we may increase the temperature of the dryer appropriately or buy another new dryer or rectify the equipment. It is suggested that the dryer manufacturer should detect the air pressure, flow and adjust according to the actual situation; learn the right operation method of the dryer and dryer operation instructions from the manufacturers of the dryer.
2. The dryer can't move the material in the working process: this may caused by the leakage or not enough air pressure of the dryer due to the installation error. When this appears, we can seek advice to read the installation instructions, carefully identify whether there is leak phenomenon in the pipe outlet. If there is no leakage, you may contact the manufacturer for assistance.
3. Uneven moisture of material after drying. First, the operating mode of staff is not correct. Second, the raw material is in bulk or globular distribution. When such problem appears, we should look at the installation steps of the dryer first, then take the correct installation and make materials in scattered distribution.

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