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Myanmar Client Ordered Briquette Machine and Carbonizing Furnace

In October 10th, 2015, our Myanmar customer Zaw Win paid the money for the ZBJ-03 briquette machine and THL-06 carbonizing furnace. After using the machines for a period of time, he expressed that he was very satisfied with our machines and their running conditions. We will establish a long term cooperation in the future.

Briquette Machine

Briquette machine is the essential equipment for mechanism charcoal production. Through high temperature and high pressure process without any binder, raw materials such as sawdust, rice husk, bamboo, peanut shell, sunflower shells, branches and crop straw can be squeezed into solid stick charcoal with hollow center after crushing. Then artificial carbon with advantages of long combustion time, flaming fire, smokeless, odorless and no frizzling phenomenon in the combustion process can be made after smoke removal and carbonization.

Carbonizing Furnace

After the work of briquette machine, the finished product of briquettes can be packed and sold directly. But there is still another way of having the added value of briquettes increased. Namely, Carbonization. The carbonization of briquettes as a technological breakthrough of briquetting production will have the renewable bio-coal consumption enhance to a new high. Therefore, a  carbonizing furnace will be imperative during the process in this regard.

Carbonizing Furnace

The carbonizing furnace offered by KINGMAN(KMEC) is a kind of ideal equipment to have wood briquettes undergo the course of anoxic distillation carbonization. Due to its rational structure, the furnace only needs small quantity of heat consumption. Adopting Superheated Stream cooling system, the furnace thus can speed up the cooling process, improve the quality of charcoal and reduce the production cycling time.

Briquette Machine

Recently more and more inquiries are received from Myanmar consulting the briquette making technology. As one of members of South east Asia, Myanmar’s briquette producing is just starting compared with Vietnam, Thailand and Malaysia. We sincerely hope that more and more commercial intercourse could be established between Myanmar and China to promote a “win-win situation”.

If you are interested in our briquette machine and carbonizing furnace, please feel free to contact us.


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Kingman boasts the best supplier and manfuacturer of straw briquette machine and biomass briquette plant.The use of straw in large-scale biomass power plants is becoming mainstream in the EU, with several facilities already online. The straw is either used directly in the form of bales, or densified into pellets which allows for the feedstock to be transported over longer distances.

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