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CPFSJ-04 wood crusher machine was ordered on May 4, 2016

On May 4, 2016, our customer, Mr Henri CUBADDA, purchased CPFSJ-04 wood crusher machine driven by diesel engine from our company. Wood crusher machine, also called sawdust crusher, can be used to crush twigs and branches with diameter of 1--20 centimeters. It can also be used to crush cellulosic straw shaped materials, including bamboo, grass, corn stalks, sorghum stalk and so on. 

wood crusher machine

Wood crusher machine produced by our company combines the function of blade cutting, high-speed airflow impact and collision double crushing and micro material sorting. In the blade cutting and crushing process, the rotor generates high-speed air flow and rotates with the direction of blade cutting. Materials in the flow are accelerated and impacted repeatedly to achieve double crush at the same time that accelerates the material crushing rate.

The wood crusher is widely used in industrial production of granulation, shaving board, sawdust board and high density board. It can be moved flexibly with the features of less floor space occupation yet high efficiency and stable performance. Welcome to contact us to get more detailed information about the wood crusher machine.

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