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Conveying selection for briquette machine

In the production with briquette machine, sometimes there are cracks on the briquettes, which would be broken in the process of packing due to slight collision, thus affecting the sales effectiveness of the product. For this phenomenon, we have made a series of research and found that there is no abnormal operation in the briquette machine used for the production of briquettes. Generally, as long as the briquette machine has no quality problem, the production process will not appear larger quality deviation, then what is the problem? In the production site investigation of these customers, we finally find out the problem. It turned out to be that these customers didn't pay attention to the reasonable arrangement of feeding of briquette machine. The following is the analysis details.

conveying of briquette machine

Because the raw material used in the production of briquette machine is sawdust, and the customers use belt conveyer for the feeding of briquette machine. Users may be no stranger to belt feeding conveyer. Belt pulley circular operation for a long time can increase the temperature of silicone leather, which in turn lead to qualitative change of raw materials due to the high temperature. As a result, the briquette machine can't accurately control the temperature, then the briquettes produced would have cracks. Generally, chain plate conveyor to prevent temperature variations of material appeared in the process of conveying. While these customers just didn't notice this problem, which eventually lead to the broken of products.

Here we want to remind customers that in the production of briquette machine, the chain plate conveyor had better be used. Temperature control of feeding should be noticed to ensure the good quality of briquettes produced by briquette machine. 

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