Biomass Briquetting Equipment

SSJ Series Conveyer

Conveying Equipment
  • Belt Converyer
Basic info:
The belt conveyer provided by KINGMAN(KMEC) is popular with large production lines (briquette plants taken as example) to transport biomass materials (corn cobs, wood pieces)  and usually linked with other equipment such as crusher or hammer mill and then transporting smashed powders to briquette machines and taking final briquettes to storage areas. The maximized density of conveying pile remains around 1.67t/m3. The maximum temperature of conveyed substance shall stay 60℃ or so. The shape and length of the belt conveyor can be adjusted.
In contrast with the screw type, belt conveyer features a wider range of material conveyance and low maintenance costs.

Parameter Table:

Model SSJ-I-1 SSJ-I-2
Power (kw) 1.5 3
Conveying volume (kg/h) Adjustable Adjustable
Dimension (m) 4.3×0.56×0.5 2.11×0.91×0.7
Weight (kg) 130  

  • Screw Conveyer
Basic info:
Comparing with the belt one, screw conveyer is widely put in use transporting powdery material or pisolitic granules. Therefore, both of the screw conveyer and the belt one can be integrated into a production line organically so that labor quantity can be in this regard reduced.

Parameter Table:
Model SSJ-II-1 SSJ-II-2
Power (kW) 1.5 3
Conveying efficiency(kg/h) Adjustable Adjustable
Size (m) 4.3×0.56×0.5 2.11×0.91×0.7
Weight (kg) 130  

Attention: before putting it into practice, ensure the rotating direction of the screw coincide with the conveying direction of a whole line and lubrication shall be carried out in due time.

Iron Net Conveyer

The iron new conveyer is also equipped with motor of 1.5kw and it can be made according to your demands
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