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The reason for the fracture of charcoal

In the production of briquettes and charcoal with briquette machine and carbonizing furnace, some customers complain that the charcoal they produced would fracture all the time. Then, what is reason for the fracture of charcoal? As the professional manufacturer of briquette machine and carbonizing furnace, we summarized the reasons for the fracture of charcoal in the following content:

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1. The carbonizing process is too fast.
In the carbonizing process of carbonizing furnace, if the carbonizing speed is too fast, it will result in the crack of the charcoal. Once the charcoal cracks too much, it is hard to shrink. If the fracture phenomenon of charcoal is caused by the carbonizing process, then control of carbonizing speed can solve it. When controlling the carbonizing speed, the carbonizing temperature can not be too high, normally not more than 300 degrees.
2. Improper temperature control.
When raising the temperature of charcoal smelting, generally the charcoal has good shrinkage only when the smelting temperature reaches above 800 degrees. The higher the smelting temperature, the better the shrinkage effect. However, the higher the temperature, the lower the yield of charcoal and the higher the cost. It is suggested to raise the temperature to 800 degrees.
3. Carbonizing and raw materials.
Pay attention to control the carbonizing temperature. The carbonizing temperature should not more than 300 degrees. If the briquette itself has defects, you need to eliminate the problem of briquette machine operation.
Briquette machine is an important part in the molding of charcoal. The quality of briquette machine directly determines the quality of the whole production line. Then, how to determine whether the charcoal quality is related to the briquette machine. The following is the failure analysis affecting the molding of briquette machine:
1. Both the moisture content of material and the temperature can reach the requirements, the briquette machine still get jammed often and cannot make normal production;
2. Briquettes can be shaped, but they are separated;
3. The inner hole diameter of briquettes is less than 10mm;
4. The production speed is significantly reduced;
5. The production speed is quick, but the density is lower;
6. The wear of front face of propeller is less than 4mm;
7. The propeller can rotates but no briquette can be produced;
8. The propeller wears because of the fall of rocks, nails or other foreign matters.
Above are the reasons for the fracture of charcoal. Customers can use exclusive method for confirmation of the reason. If you have the need of briquette machine or carbonizing furnace, welcome to contact us.

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