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Reinforced Ball Press Machine

Reinforced ball press machine
Working Pressure of this model has been strengthened to add value to smelting industry. The material scope embraces quicklime powder, dolomite dust, magnesia powder, concentrated copper fines, chromium mineral powder, manganese mineral powder, nickel laterite ore, lead and zinc waste, bauxite, nonferrous metal powder, refractory material, ceramic ingredient, iron content substance, converter sludge, ferric oxide powder, algam and the like, the application of the machine can remarkably facilitate dust emissions, volume-weight control and recyclable conversion and transportation.
The model is more popular with the fields of mining, coal, metallurgy, refractory material, chemical industry and building material.
The reinforced model consists of driving system, main framework, reducer, belt conveyer, prepressing device, aligned roller sleeve, hydraulic system and electric control system. Dosed material will be put into prepressing device of the machine stably and consistently to a uniform  feeding level, after which material will be pushed under reinforced pressure into the aligned arc groove of the two rollers. On the surface are evenly distributed forming dents. Material under the work of uniform speed and reverse directions of the twin rollers will be squeezed to and pressed in those dents. Shortly after being pressed, compacted material will fall down automatically. The constant running force is power to periodic rotating and pressing to realize batch production.

Main technical parameters:
Model Roller Dia. (mm) Yield(t/h) Power (kw) Pressure regulating device Briquette size
QL450 450 4-6 22 Mechanical or Hydraulic As per clients' requests
QL500 500 6-10 30 Mechanical or Hydraulic As per clients' requests
QL650 650 10-15 32 Mechanical or Hydraulic As per clients' requests
QL850 850 15-20 55-75 Mechanical or Hydraulic As per clients' requests
QL1000 1000 22-30 75-130 Mechanical or Hydraulic As per clients' requests

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