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BPJ Barking Machine

  • Introduction
BPJ wood barker is a kind of neoteric wood log debarking machine, featuring highly debarking efficiency. The type of wood barking machine can be separated into two models due to different wood logs and distinct wood log diameters, namely BPJ single roller barking machine and BPJ twin roller barking machine. The unique strength formed by rotors with staggered aligned teeth (or called cusps) will rotate wood logs in a reciprocating circle in the chamber, furthermore, wood logs under the force will gyrate itself with irregular throbs so that between logs and those cusps, logs each other as well as logs and peeling groove, forces of rubbing, bumping and squeezing will mingle together to peel off logs.
  • Characters:
1.       The open type groove can have successive production realized with one end as inlet and the other outlet, which is quite different from the drum type barking machine working in a segmented way.
2.       Because of the blended forces of bumping, rotating and friction, frozen wood, dried wood logs and some hard-to-peel wood material can be peeled off with a higher performance by the roller barking machine.
3.       The wood barking machine adapts itself to many kinds of trees with distinguished diameter, length and forms. Thanks to the gyrating and irregular bouncing forces, even some bent logs and concaved parts can contact with debarking teeth, which features a higher barking rate.
4.       The barking machine, due to the stably behemoth body, is characteristic of low energy consumption, low rate of default and low maintenance costs. Besides, vibrating degree and noise ratio are much lower than the drum type wood barking machine. The BPJ wood barker can be equipped with conveying system in favor of labor reduction and to enhance production output.
  • Attention:
The barking machine can be used with Wood Briquetting Plant or alternatively, it can be put into used individually. Some clients may use wood logs to produce briquettes and hope to have the barking machine integrated with briquetting plant. Therefore, you can take into account BPJ Wood Barking Machine. It can be used with Briquette machine and other machines.

Parameter Table:
Model BPJ-500 Single Roller/Twin Roller BPJ-600 Single Roller/Twin Roller BPJ-700 Single Roller/Twin Roller BPJ-800 SingleRoller/Twin Roller
Log Diameter(mm) 30-350 30-350 40-400 40-550
Log Length(mm) 500-1500 600-2000 700-2500 800-3000
Max. Bent Degree of Log≯% 8-10 6-8 6-8 6-8
Input and Output Type Successive Successive Succesive Successive
Main Motor Power(kw) 11/7.5*2 18.5/11*2 22/15*2 30/37
Auxiliary Power(kw) 2.2 3.0 3.0 4.0
Rotating Speed of Main Shaft(rpm) 60-80 60-80 70-90 70-90
Yield m3/h 5-8 8-10 10-12 12-15/20-40
Auxiliary Equipment Input and output machines Input and output machines Input and output machines Input and output machines
Overall Size(mm) 6000×1600×1600 7000×1600×1700 8000×1700×1900 9000×1900×2100
Total Weight(kg) 3500 4800 5800 7500/ reinforced model
Note: Barking rate may be different due to the drying degree of wood logs. Generally, dry wood logs with the barking rate of about 90% and fresh wood logs with about 95%.

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